How to get and keep new clients for your salon spa


1.     Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes. Ask yourself (or better still – ask her) what she really wants, an hour of pampering or better skin?

2.     Tailor your offer to meet what she wants to buy, not what you want to sell.

3.     Don’t stress over artwork and logo design. If you get steps 1 and 2 right, they won’t matter, even though they do add to your overall professional image.

4.     Use social media, local websites, flyers through doors; whatever it takes, to get the message out that you are serious about changing skin for the better.

5.     Use previous customer reviews if you can. Present a serious, competent and concerned professional image.

6.     If you want clients that keep coming back, then make sure that you don’t just sell them a treatment or a product. Sell a promise of a long-term relationship based on you caring about your client achieving the great skin she wants.

7.     Make sure that the products you sell can actually change skin at a cellular level and don’t just make her feel good for an hour or so. Pretty smells and lovely packaging are not important. Results are the only things that matter.

8.     Make sure that your treatments can actually help to get proper ingredients and nutrition to the parts of the skin that need them.

9.     At your initial consultation make sure that you listen intelligently to her concerns. Tease out the information and show her that you are really interested.

10.  Do not rush to judgement on her skin problems. 

11.  Do not offer any solutions – product or treatment until you have heard everything.

12.  Know your stuff – be a fount of skin science knowledge. If you can impress your client that what you are doing is based on solid science and not on marketing hype, you will have her trust and with it, her business.

13.  Know why certain ingredients make a real difference and others do not.

14.  Know which products contain the ingredients your client needs.

15.  Make it clear by taking photographs, making notes and using your knowledge and training that you and your client are on a journey to better skin together.

16.  Make sure that she is part of everything you do by sending her a copy of her consultation form, her action plan, her photographs and your recommendations. Update it and send it to her again after every meeting.

17.  Be in charge. Never ask her, ‘What do you think we should do today?’. Make sure that she knows that her journey with you has certain necessary steps. You know what they are. You are her trusted guide.

18.  Celebrate her success. Take pictures and ask if you can use them for your marketing to get other customers just like her.